We met each other at the beginning
The most important and stimulating part of a project is the beginning, when we have to try to understand as much as possible of what the customer wants to communicate with his product: what market it is aimed at, the type of user he wants to reach, what message he wants to communicate. These are indications that go beyond the technical part, but they are very important because they help our collaborators to get in tune with the product and the person who designed it.
Over the years, Our pattern designers have faced many challenges, trying their hand at many types of product, many types of fabric, many different fits. This allows us to respond to customers’ requests, whether they ask for a particular type of product or a total look.
The cost of this service can vary depending on the type of garment, the number of patterns and the type of fabric, you can download our general price list to get an idea of the price, but the cost of your project specifically will always be agreed by phone or email directly with us.


-Overview of the project and its final objectives.
-Concise explanation of the sketches and materials to be used.
-Fit definition and measurements for sample size.
-Definition of product quality standards.
-Timing definition.
-Technical explanation of sketches between fashion designer and patternmaker.
-Possible preparation of test garment or 3D preview.
-Possible development of the test garment
-After delivery of the prototype, the fashion designer explains corrections or changes to the patternmaker.

Contact us by filling in the form below, write your name, your email address, a short explanation of your project and finally catches sketches or drawings in the drag and drop box. We will get back to you within 24 hours.


    Of course, you can modify your pattern as many times as you like, the costs of modifications vary depending on the type.

    Of course, you will receive by e-mail the sewing pattern you have purchased in PDF format so that you can print it wherever and whenever you want. Each time you modify your sewing pattern you will receive an email with the updated graphic.

    Of course the sewing pattern is universal, we will send you a copy by e-mail and you can use it outside the masterhood universe whenever you want.