Did you know that the clothing industry is among the most polluting ones? This is mainly due to fabrics production, rather than package manufacturing as most of us would imagine, which are later used to make clothes bought by customers. How could we avoid all this? For instance, a lot of clothing brands plant a tree for each item sold, others use recycled materials or reuse existing clothes to make new ones. For the sake of the environment, our brand decided to use waste fabrics. But why? For each season, both small brands and large multinational clothing companies commission the production of hundreds of kilometres of fabrics to textile factories. Purchased stuff may not be entirely consumed because sales forecasts don’t go as expected or because some retailers cancel their orders or even due to miscalculations in the purchasing process. That’s the reason why our brand decided to base its processes on waste materials, buying leftover fabrics from different wholesale and reselling them to retailers, giving a concrete contribution to enviromental protection. Moreover, each garment is made as the order is received (job order manufactoring), reason why our clothes come in limited quantity. This is our sustainability policy: give new life to forgotten materials.

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